1. Why use Travoo?

Planning a trip can be hectic and disorganized. Trip Go’ers use friends, family, and the internet to decide “where to go,” “where to stay,” and “what to do.” This information is shared in various formats leaving it up to the Trip Go’ers to track, organize, and decide on which advice to take. In group trip planning there are multiple opinions to consider, making it even more difficult to make decisions.

Travoo takes away the pain of trip planning, leaving only the fun tasks left to complete. After taking the Trip Style Survey, Travoo will plan a trip that accommodates the needs of all Trip Go’ers. Travoo itineraries include 5 flight options (for each Trip Go’er), 5 accommodation options, and 12 experience options for each day of travel. Everything in the itinerary will be aligned to the budget and interests of each Trip Go’er.

2. What do I get for $49?  

Travoo acts as your trip quarterback, making sure everyone’s voice is heard in crafting the perfect trip for the group. After taking the Trip Style Survey, all Trip Go’ers receive a PDF itinerary via e-mail with 5 options for flights, 5 options for accommodations, and 12 experience options for each day of the trip. 

3. What if I already know “where to go” and/or “where to stay”?

Travoo is most valuable for answering “what to do?” Questions in the Trip Style Survey will inform us of your confirmed destination and lodging arrangements. We will save you/your group significant amounts of time navigating multiple websites, researching the optimal activities, and organizing all the information needed for your trip. Our Experience Curators specialize in recommending experiences that go far beyond your typical tourist attractions.

4. How long will it take for me to receive my itinerary?

All itineraries are delivered 3-5 business days after all Trip Go’ers complete the Trip Style Survey.

5. Are all itineraries truly customized?

Information provided in the Trip Style Survey allows our Experience Curators to design an itinerary that fits everyone’s budget and interests. The questions in our Trip Style Survey are crafted to answer “where to go,” “where to stay,” and “what to do.” No two trips will be the same. We use each Trip Go’ers responses to design an itinerary the entire group will love!

6. Who books my itinerary?

Trip Go’ers are responsible for selecting and purchasing all recommended trip components (flights, accommodations, and experiences). Each recommended trip component includes a “book now” button directly in the PDF itinerary, allowing Trip Go’ers to easily make a final purchase.

7. What if I can’t find a flight in the price range listed on my itinerary?

If it’s not past the recommended date of purchase, contact us at info@travoo.org. Due to the dynamic nature of the industry, we cannot fully guarantee prices for flights. Using historical data and purchasing trends, we are able to approximate flight prices within a ~$30 range in most cases.

8. What if I dislike like my itinerary?

We want you to be happy first. Our Experience Curators work hard to make sure all suggested trip components align to the interests of Trip Go’ers. If you are unsatisfied with your itinerary, please contact us at info@travoo.org.

9. What is your refund and cancellation policy?

We do not guarantee refunds for any reason and refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In the event you are unsatisfied with your itinerary, please request a refund by emailing info@travoo.org. Any refund request must be filed within 5 business days from the date services were rendered (receiving a curated itinerary). We will evaluate your refund request and respond within 2 business days. Distribution of refund will be dependent on all Trip Go’ers completing a feedback survey.

10. I’m worried about sharing information online...

Your privacy is of utmost importance! We do not share, sell, or otherwise distribute your information to any partners or third-parties. All information will be used solely by our Experience Curators for planning your trip.

Travoo uses Stripe for payment processing and Travoo does not store your credit card information. Stripe does not store your credit card information.

11. Can I provide feedback on my experience using Travoo?

Yes! We value your feedback on how we're doing, feel free to send feedback to info@travoo.org


Still have questions?

E-mail info@travoo.org